In preparation for NYC Marathon 2022, my friends Andriy Herasymchyk, Dima Voyt and I decided to use the opportunity to raise fund to help kids in Ukraine. Every week we logged in our training milage and for each mile we ran, we donated $2 (personally I donated $1 on Facebook and $1 on Instagram). We kindly asked you guys to participate, and you guys and girls were incredible!

We set out to raise $5,000, one person told me that this objective is unreasonable, and we should probably lower our goal to about $1K-$2K. But we stuck to our guns and kept the goal at $5,000.

Incredibly, and I’m not trying to overstate the reality, we raised $5,000. This was only possible because of every single person who donated, some of you donated twice, three times. I know some folks who have donated and are not in the best financial positions and still, they were kind enough to participate on the side of the Good in its fight against the Evil.

Having raised the funds, we contacted children’s hospital in Mykolaiv, a city in the south of Ukraine that has been shelled by the russian artillery form the start of the war. Despite very challenging conditions staff remained in the hospital and they have been treating kids from Mykolaiv and surrounding areas such as Kherson, lots of kids with war related traumas and injuries.

The hospital was lacking a critical medical equipment: EKG that monitors the cardiovascular activity, provides detailed analysis and is able to identify heart related anomalies that are usually go undetectable.

We were able to purchase this medical equipment and this week it arrived at the hospital along with the printer and other technical accessories that are required for comprehensive integration with the hospital’s internal systems.

I’d like to thank everyone who helped, this seems like a small matter, however, there will be kids out there who were literally saved by your actions. I wish I could reach out to each one of you individually and shake your hand and thank you….lets do this after our victory.

Special thanks to Доктор Анастасия Барзилович who helped us to get in touch with the hospital.
Фонд Спанбонд for arranging the purchase and delivery of the equipment. 
And many many others.

P.S. We continue to raise funds, any donation is greatly appreciated and will be put to a good use.

Dmitriy Boyko