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This war is not just between Russia and Ukraine, this war is between authoritarianism and democracy. This may not be obvious right now, but imagine if Russia takes over Ukraine. In that case, Russia will take a few years to re-group and then launch an attack on the NATO countries. At that point, it will be stronger than it is now and the world will regret not acting sooner.

Russian soldiers already committed atrocities that haven’t been seen in Europe in many decades. Women and children have been violated, killed, and raped. It is our duty, as humans to help them overcome the horrors of the war and allow them to live the life they deserve.

Russia destroyed the homes of millions of people, and the total number of refugees exceeds 5M. If we do not support Ukrainians in rebuilding their country this will place a large burden on social systems in Europe and the United States. Helping Ukrainians will ultimately help the world.

Previously known as the breadbasket of Europe, Ukraine still provides a significant amount of food (grains, oil, etc.) to less well-off countries. The current war will impact such countries and will lead to malnourishment, and in some places hunger. The sooner we help to end the war, the sooner we can get back to living normal lives.


With your support, we bought and delivered two more portable power stations. […]
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With your support, we delivered more important tools that help to maintain […]
Your continued support let us deliver more tools for the Artillery Brigade. […]
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Your provided support let us buy and deliver two portable power stations. […]
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This particular generator has been bought on donations from a teenager who […]
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Thanks to you we could buy and deliver more vehicle maintenance tools. […]
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