We are happy to report that on August 20 we joined Ukrainian Running Club New York to celebrate the pre-Independence Day of Ukraine. During the annual charitable Vyshyvanka Run 2023 was raised $2,818 through ticket sales, donations, auctions, and raffle. $1,300 was raised by the running club member Koral Ladna Tattoo for the Club via her own fundraiser by tattooing Ukrainian-themed designs on Independence Day of Ukraine.

Using the collected money we delivered a lathe: FDB Maschinen Turner 250x700G model. This lathe is designed for various mechanical processing operations on external, internal, and end surfaces, as well as for thread-cutting.

  • FDB Maschinen Turner 250x700G
    Price: ₴66,000 or $1,780

We will continue posting reports about spending money collected during this event.

Thank you to everyone who makes this help possible.
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