Providing kids with winter clothes is one of the goals of our “Kids of Ukraine” program. […]
To help maintain the military vehicles better we bought and delivered the Full System Diagnostic Tools […]
In December, by joining efforts with THIS and SpondBond we purchased a surgical instrument called “Dermatome” […]
Artillerists are sending their thanks to you for all the help and support! In this delivery, […]
Because of your support, we were able to deliver essential tools quickly. This time we sent […]
Our friend donated a Night Vision Monocular, and we delivered it to defenders on the eastern […]
To help maintain vehicles made in the USA we bought and delivered wrench and socket sets […]
This time we were asked to deliver two laptops and a printer. We decided to buy […]
This particular generator has been bought on donations from a teenager who asked his relatives to […]
Generators are the most frequent request. This time we were asked to deliver a gasoline 3kW […]