With your support, we delivered more important tools that help to maintain military vehicles. Thank you […]
Your continued support let us deliver more tools for the Artillery Brigade. Thank you to everyone […]
Thanks to your support we continue helping to maintain artillery vehicles. This time we bought and […]
Thanks to your support we delivered some lifting equipment to help maintaining the vehicles. The total […]
At the beginning of February, we decided to spend a part of your donations to buy […]
Your provided support let us buy and deliver two portable power stations. We spent a few […]
We’d like to give a big shout-out to our donor AIR Media who donated 10 laptops […]
Providing kids with winter clothes is one of the goals of our “Kids of Ukraine” program. […]
To help maintain the military vehicles better we bought and delivered the Full System Diagnostic Tools […]
In December, by joining efforts with THIS and SpondBond we purchased a surgical instrument called “Dermatome” […]