Some of you may wonder, how actually things work. Well, here is a great example.

We (at AidUkraineNow) received a call from our contact in Ukraine that a Ukrainian reconnaissance team requires military MultiCam backpacks.

We got in touch with a provider in the US and asked for eight backpacks: 7 – 27 liters and 1 – 55 liter capacity. After finding out that the backpacks are going to be shipped to Ukraine we received a much-needed 20% discount.

Then we patiently waited for a delivery, which arrived shortly 5-7 days.

Later that week, we drove the bags to the airport after work and shipped them via our friends at XXX airlines.

About 5 days later, the boys on the reconnaissance team received the much-needed backpacks in Ukraine, the photo you can see below.

This small, but critical delivery was only possible because of the tremendous help we are getting from:

You guys! You donated funds to make this $1,515 shipment possible.

Our friends at XXX airlines and folks in the Ukrainian-American community who made it possible.

Our team at for coordinating and organizing fundraising and getting a 20% discount!

Our friends in Ukraine, they inform us about what’s needed so there is no money wasted.

The supplier that gave us a 20% discount.

And many others that I forgot to mention.

Take part in the next purchase. Show your support and donate.